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Feedback for MG v.0.3.0

Jul 30, 2011 at 11:01 PM

hi Sertelegger !  great to see prograse on MG devlop ... :)

her some feedback :

Movies :

all work wall with movies i test all most all option ,i think ... work good and very fast .  

Only thing not work for movies section is save MyMovies.xml  .

TV Series: 

abut TV section tack me some time to get it to work ... but i have some thing to add , i think you better post some info of how to keep the tv shows file's for MG ,becuese as i say tack me long time

to figer it out ,and i think i keep my tv show file's as most user .... for exsample what abut if a tv show have more then one season , and as you know evry season have many episode's.

do to the way i keep the tv show MG in biginnig did not find any info , let me give exsamble how i keep the tv shows ...

i have main folder for TV Shows in side a folder for each show in side a folder for each season in side each season folder the episodes file's. maybe this will explain better...


D:/TV Shows/Stargate Universe/Season 01/Stargate Universe.S01E01.file

                                                              Stargate Universe.S01E02.file

                                                              Stargate Universe.S01E03.file

                                                              and so on......

                                            /Season 02/Stargate Universe.S02E01.file

                                                              Stargate Universe.S02E01.file

                                                              Stargate Universe.S02E01.file

                                                              and so on ........

                 /Fringe/Season 01/Fringe.S01E01.file



                                             and so on ....

                           /Season 02/Fringe.S02E01.file



                                             and so on.....


i know tv section is still WIP , so the way i keep the tv show MG pick only the Season folders and not the main tv show folder ,as a Season 01 folder There is no way to find title mach ,

only if i rename the season folder to the show name then i mack it work and get info and the cover.jpg  , but we need to get the info for the main tv show folder and not the subfolder wich is

the season folder ....


i hope i was clear with the info , i know it cen be confusion little but ... :)

Great work for now , Thanks.

Oct 21, 2011 at 11:55 PM

Hey yscp,

have you tried out the TV Show support with the latest Release Candidate of MediaGerbil 0.3.0? I made a lot of changes and fixes, and everything should work a lot smoother now!

And yes, I will update the documentation very soon with lots of screenshots and instructions on how to best add your own TV Shows!

Stay tuned for more :-)

Oct 22, 2011 at 5:55 PM

Hi Seetelegger , how are you ?  yes i see all your progress on devlop ... :)

i have bin bussy with some others staff , but i will test new version soon ... :)

thank you for all the hard work , will be back in a day or 2 with feedback ,  as long as you will continu devlop MG i will be her .... :)