NOTE: I am trying to balance the time I spend coding with the time I spend writing up documentation for MediaGerbil. Some of this text will be expanded on soon, please be patient!

If you're looking for MediaGerbil features and bug fixes by release, take a look at the MediaGerbil ChangeLog.

The current set of features includes:
  • Configurable Preferences for:
    • Media Directories: Specify included and excluded directories. All subdirectories will be included/excluded, so you don't need to add any directories that are below another directory. However, if you add a subdirectory of another directory, it will not cause any duplicates to be created.
    • IMDb Settings: Since the IMDb does not publish an API to access movie meta data information, they offer an offline version of the whole movie database and all the meta data. MediaGerbil takes advantage of this offline database by downloading a small or medium size list that will be used to do title matching against. The small list is based on the MPAA ratings (about 12,000 movies) which are used for most movies released and rated in the US, so it will work pretty well and very fast on recent Hollywood movies, but probably miss some older or foreign movies. The medium size list contains all movies that currently have an IMDb rating (the score out of 10), which is much larger than the MPAA list (about 220,000 movies) and therefore takes longer to process, but should match almost every movie. Note: The IMDb offline feature is an attempt to minimize the number of queries to the IMDb website, and to potentially speed up title matching for more accurate meta data retrieval. This feature might change or go away in the future.
  • Automatic caching of media list for quick loading on startup. List can be cleared to start from scratch or refreshed to sync with changes. When refreshing the media list the directory path is used to determine whether a title already exists. That means if you move a directory to a different path, it will be found as a new entry and the old one will be removed.
  • Media list display fully sortable by title, year, MPAA rating, IMDb rating, IMDb votes
  • IMDb meta data retrieval for title, runtime, genres, rating, votes, description, cover image etc.

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